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Reasons To Use An Elevated Seat When Fishing From A Kayak

When you decide to fish from a kayak, you'll soon be enjoying the ability to glide silently through the water without unnecessarily disturbing the fish that you hope to catch. One of the decisions that you'll need to make before you set out is whether you'll fish from an elevated seat in the kayak or whether you'll sit in the bottom of the vessel. When you're simply kayaking around a body of water, sitting in the kayak's bottom is your best choice. However, once you bait your hook, it's a good idea to set up your elevated seat and fish from there. Here are three reasons that this is a good idea.

More Mobility

Being elevated off the bottom of the kayak with the help of a seat gives you more mobility. Fishing isn't a sedentary activity, and you'll often need to change the position of your body based on not only where you're fishing, but also what you have on your hook. When you're seated in the bottom of the kayak, your mobility is compromised to a degree. However, when you're up on a seat that can rotate with ease, you'll be able to move your body however you need.

More Comfort

When you're seated on the bottom of your kayak for several hours at a time, you might notice some cramping in your legs and some pain in your lower back. These issues have the potential to hamper your enjoyment of your fishing outing. However, they aren't likely to be the case when you use an elevated seat. With the seat, you can freely move your legs so that they don't cramp. Additionally, the back support and your ability to shift around in your seat make back pain unlikely.

More Visibility

The higher you are when you fish from a boat, the more you can see. You can not only see farther, which may allow you to better identify a good fishing spot, but you also have a better angle for seeing down into the water. This is especially true if the water is clear and if you're wearing polarized sunglasses to defeat the glare off the water's surface. When you elevate yourself with the help of your kayak seat, you'll be impressed at how much easier it is to see into the water. This can be hugely beneficial when you're looking to see how much action the area around your bait is getting.

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