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The Gear That All Fishermen Should Have In Their Boat

Fishing is a pretty expensive sport. It isn't simply one rod/reel and a handful of baits. Once you really get into the sport, you'll notice yourself buying a new rod/reel for every type of fishing, casting and bait you use (e.g. dock fishing with a worm for bass). There are quite a few other items the avid fisherman should have in their boat to have on hand when needed. To get your supply started, see below for the gear you need.

Rain Suit

There's nothing worse than trying to catch your limit for the day in the rain - unless you're trying to do it in the rain without a rain suit. Invest in a good rain suit that will hold up to the weather. Don't look for a cheap poncho, as that isn't going to cut it. Look for a lightweight rain jacket and pants to go with it or a jacket with overalls. These will not only keep you dry, as they'll also keep you warm while still being a little breathable. 

Life Jackets

You can invest in a professional style life jacket (the one where you pull a tab to inflate it), or you can invest in a mid-grade life jacket that fits you well and isn't too heavy. Be sure to have more than one on your boat, just in case you have someone with you fishing for the day.

Rod Covers

To help protect those expensive rods, look for rod covers to help protect the tips of your rods and cover the line/hooks from getting snagged on your other rod/reels. 

Tackle Boxes

When you begin purchasing different types of tackle, you'll start to get a little overwhelmed, so be sure to stay organized with your tackle by investing in tackle boxes for each type of bait. You can put worms, jigs, hooks and weights in their own compartments. Label everything so you can find things easily and quickly on your boat in case you need to re-bait or re-line while fishing.


Lines and hooks can get caught up in just about anything. To help get your hooks or line out easily, be sure to bring a good pair of scissors or needle-nose pliers onto your boat in the event you need them. 

Fish Scale/Measuring Board

There may be a minimum size for keeping the fish you are fishing for, so you'll want to be sure you have over that minimum size. Do this by keeping a scale and measuring board on your boat. You may want to have this as well so you can show off the size and weight of your large keeper to your other fishing buddies.

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