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Involve Your Child In Ice Skating Classes For These Health Benefits

If your child is showing an interest in ice skating, it's beneficial to sign him or her up for classes. While the youngster is likely enthralled by the fun factor of this activity, you can find joy in the fact that it's keeping him or her active. Children should be getting at least one hour of physical activity every day, but the reality is that many youth don't come even close to this guideline. Whether the skating lessons take place twice or just once per week, they're helping your child keep active — which can provide a multitude of health benefits. Here are some such things to consider.

A Steady Calorie Burn

With childhood obesity being a prevalent concern in North America, getting your child involved in skating classes can be beneficial for his or her waistline. Skating is ideal if your child needs to lose a bit of weight, but it's also valuable as a way to avoid weight gain. The calorie burn of skating is significant; a person who weighs 125 pounds will burn roughly 210 calories in just half an hour of ice skating, which means that the calorie burn will exceed 400 calories if the lesson is an hour long. This calorie burn is on par with soccer and tennis.

Improved Core Strength

While ice skating is a full-body workout that strengthens a long list of major muscles, it's also an effective way to strengthen the core muscles. In addition to contracting to hold the child upright, these muscles will get worked with each skating stroke. This is important at any age, but highly valuable for children who sit all day at school. Strong core muscles promote better posture, which means that your child will have less risk of developing a sore back because of poor posture from sitting for long periods.

Increased Cardiovascular Capacity

Although your child might feel out of breath early in his or her ice skating classes, the youngster's cardiovascular capacity will soon improve — along with his or her aptitude on skates. The stronger heart and lungs achieved through regular cardiovascular exercise, such as ice skating, can not only improve the child's overall health, but can also compel him or her to lead more of an active lifestyle. Playing basketball or soccer at the park, bike riding with friends and other such activities aren't enjoyable when a child can't keep up, but the cardiovascular strength gained while ice skating can help your child keep active in other ways.

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