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Want To Start Cycling Year-Round? Invest In Glasses

Riding a bike for just twenty minutes can burn anywhere from 90 to 317 calories. It is a great exercise that also comes with the benefit of being an effective mode of transportation. You can replace driving when it comes to going places that are within a reasonable bike ride, which depends on your riding limits. To start cycling year-round, you will want to get cycling glasses that improve your ability to stay safe.

Buy Multiple Lenses to Handle Night and Day

If you know that you are going to be biking in the daytime and at nighttime, you need multiple pairs of cycling glasses. Tinted glasses are perfect for daytime as you can protect your eyes from the sun and improve vision, but they can make your vision too dark to ride comfortably at nighttime. It is best to get clear glasses for night riding, which will give you the eye protection you need, but without negatively affecting your vision.

Get Ski Goggles for Harsh Winters

When you want to bike in harsh winters with heavy winds and snowy days, you may not be able to get away with just glasses. Fortunately, ski goggles are an ideal alternative, giving you sufficient protection without you having to worry about them coming off in heavy gusts. Another reason these goggles are useful is because they are designed for use in snow, so you do not have to worry about snow glare.

Make Sure They Fit Well

An important part of cycling with glasses is having a pair that fits perfectly. If your glasses are properly fitted, you should not have to worry about them falling off while riding. When you are comfortable, you will be able to devote your entire focus to the road, which is the best way to stay out of harm's way.

Carry a Spray and Microfiber Cloth

Glasses will get blemished up while you are riding, especially in rain, snow, or windy conditions. Since using your cycling clothes to clean the glasses can have a negative impact, you want to have the right tools on the road. The three things you need are a microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, and bottled water. The steps are fairly simple: rinse with water, apply solution, rub with clean fingers, rinse, and dry.

Cycling with proper equipment is a lot more enjoyable than doing it bare bones. With several pairs of glasses, you can be ready for handling any kind of weather with your bike. Visit Sarasota Cyclery Inc for more information.