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Keeping Your Figure Skate Blades In Great Shape

If you have recently taken up the sport of figure skating, taking steps to ensure your skates are well-cared for is important to be able to get the best performance possible. The blades of your skates can deteriorate without the proper care, making it more difficult to execute moves while on the ice. Here are some steps to follow to keep your skates in the best possible condition.

Blade Sharpening

Figure skate blades should be sharpened periodically to keep them from dulling. A sharp blade will cut into the ice, making spins and turns easier to accomplish when skating. Taking your figure skates to a professional auger blade sharpening service like Al & Bob's Sports is the best way to get them sharpened properly.

Figure skates have a curved portion on the bottom of each blade that should be cut according to the skater's weight and performance-level. A professional service would be able to determine the right angle to sharpen the blades so the skates will grip the ice properly.

Keep a log of the number of hours that you use your skates. When you start noticing that you are slipping or sliding after you land from a jump or when trying to grab the ice after a turn, take them to a sharpening service to have the blades cut. Let the service know how many hours you have skated and ask them for the frequency in which you should make return visits.

Handling Moisture

It is of extreme importance to avoid having your blades rust. Once you get rust on a figure skate blade, the steel will soften in this area and will never be able to hold an edge again. When you take your skates off after using them, wipe down the blades with a clean cloth to remove any moisture that may have accumulated when you were skating. Wait a few minutes and wipe them again to remove any condensation. 

Place your skates in terry cloth skate soakers to help collect and soak up any moisture from the blades. Never store your skates in hard skate guards, as the moisture can collect in the bottom of the guard, rusting the skates over time.

Protecting While Walking

When you are walking to and from the ice rink with your skates on your feet, keep a pair of hard skate guards over the blades until you are ready to step on the ice. Walking on top of your blades without protection will wear the blades down very quickly, and it may ruin flooring or carpeting.